Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive.”  That spirit is still very much alive and kicking at Citizen Outreach Political Action Committee (COPAC).

COPAC is a non-partisan political organization which was established for the purpose of advocating limited-government, free-market public policies through public education, grassroots advocacy, ballot initiatives and political campaigns.

COPAC recruits, trains, supports and assists pro-business, limited-government candidates at the state and local level in Nevada. We also sponsor citizen and voter outreach programs on public policy issues, including debates, forums and lectures, as well as coordinate and manage grassroots advocacy and lobbying projects.

Our primary focus is to take back our government by electing conservatives to the Nevada State Legislature who will stop the tax-and-spend policies of the last two decades.  We will direct our support toward appropriate primary races, “open” seats and solid challenger campaigns.

Numerous candidates throughout Nevada have received direct and indirect support from COPAC over the years.

COPAC also makes independent expenditures, funding proven campaign activities such as media appearances, press releases, newspaper and magazine advertisements, direct mail, yard signs, billboards, television and radio ads, and bumper stickers.

Thank you for your interest in and your support for our efforts.

Citizen Outreach PAC

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